Who We Are

Quicksilver Track Club, Inc. was founded in 1979 as a 501-c3 organization with a vision to offer meaningful athletic experiences to boys and girls beginning at age seven. We are proud of our reputation as a local and nationally recognized track and field clubs.

Our emphasis has always been to develop academically grounded youth athletes who can adopt a philosophy that without academic achievements, an athlete may not have an arena in which to achieve greatness

Why Track & Field

Have you ever stopped and asked yourself where do all of our athletes begin their careers? Especially those that compete in the Olympics, the Pan American Games, the World Championships, and the professional sports leagues. The answer for the most part is the Youth Athletic Programs and Track Clubs like ours. Of all the youth programs in these United States, we think that track & field programs are the best for young people.

Quicksilver Success in Numbers

From 1982 – 2016 –  Our total number of youth that participated in our summer program was 4,502. Also, the number of graduates from our program, defined as those students who continue training with us the summer after graduating from high school, is 573 alumni students.

  • 151 -the number earning full track & field scholarships
  • 180 – the number earning partial track & field scholarships
  • 50 – the number of Georgia State Championships
  • 5,000 – the number of community hour service recorded
  • 70 – the percent graduating in four years
  • 90 – the percent graduating in five years
  • 47 – the number currently enrolled
  • 6 – the number now in military service
  • 22 – the number enrolled in graduate school

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