Prospective QTC Runner and Parents,

Welcome to Quicksilver Track Club (QTC). Thank you for your interest in joining one of the finest track clubs in Georgia. Below shares information about how to join the QTC and briefly covers each registration information in an effort to reduce generals questions. Our coaches roster consist of USA Track & Field certified professionals who have a passion for enhancing youth self-image and life skills development through track and field. Our successful “track record” is a testament to QTC’s a rich history in training fine academic athletes, who attend, perform, and graduate with a college degree.



The cost of registration for 2018/2019 Quicksilver season is $400. We encourage all athletes that plan to participate in the 2016 summer season, to join as many fall training sessions as possible. 

  1. This amount includes a $50 uniform fee.
  2. The cost of fall training is $150, however this is included in the $400 registration for those athletes that choose to remain with Quicksilver for the entire season. 
  3. $400 registration fee can be paid by setting up 10 monthly payments of $40; beginning October 2015 through July 2016. All reoccurring payments must be scheduled and made online. 
  4. Athletes only interested in joining Quicksilver for the fall are required to pay $150 registration fee by November 15th.  
  5. Fall registration fees do not cover indoor competition entry fees and Registration fees do not cover any travel costs for the 2016 season. 
  6. Fall registration fees will also not cover any Spring Track season dues. 
  7. Athletes that begin their participation with Quicksilver in summer 2016 are still responsible for registration dues in the amount of $400. 

To register for 2016/2017 Quicksilver season, please see instructions below to complete registration.

QTC Training Philosophy: Our competition season begins in March of each year, but we begin fall training/conditioning in October of the previous year.  

photo 2

Isiah Williams, Birmingham Invite

Please review the checklist below to verify you have successfully completed all parts of the Quicksilver registration.

  1. Printed, & completed the  Quicksilver Track Participation Agreement Form. Please complete & upload in registration form. Can be completed online or printed & completed (simply take a picture and upload in registration form)
  2. Accessed the Quicksilver Registration Payment page to pay $50 registration fee. (See below for breakdown of Registration fee)
  3. Complete QTC Registration Form. Completion of Registration form constitutes your agreement of all information found in 2015 Participation Agreement.
  4. Purchase Uniform. All new  athletes will require a NEW uniform. Cut off dates for uniform orders is May 30th. (See below on step by step process on how to purchase Uniform)
  5. Printed & physically submitted the Emergency Medical Authorization Form
  6. Printed Quicksilver Sponsor letter

Quicksilver Track Club Participation Agreement Form: This form is an agreement between the club and the parents stating that you (the parents) understand the commitment that is involved for our program, and that you will commit to having the athlete(s) at practice and track meets for the entire season.

Emergency Medical Authorization Form: This form gives only the Quicksilver staff permission to provide emergency medical treatment for the athlete in the event the parent cannot be reached. Please list any medical problem that may affect your child’s participation. Please note that our training is more demanding than the average school/recreation program, so an annual physical examination is suggested.

How to Purchase Uniform: 

  1. Indicate Uniform size for athlete in Registration Form and/or Quicksilver Registration Payment page . [Note: Uniform bottoms are spandex/tights for ages 13 & up]
  2. Select “Uniform Fee” on Quicksilver Registration Paymento provide payment for uniform by specified deadlines: Here.  (May 11th deadline will ensure that your child will have their gear before the meet on May 30th. The May 18th date will ensure that your child will have their gear before the first USATF Meet on June 16th.)

Annual Registration: Our $400 registration fee covers all entry fees for the summer and membership fees for USA Track & Field. Each athlete also receives a practice uniform, gold T-shirt, QTC notebook and water bottle. The registration fees do not have to be paid all at once, but must be paid by the first of June. If you plan to participate please return all forms as soon as possible. This will get you on our mailing list, and assure you of not missing any communication or events preceding the season. Please do not withhold your child from practice because of fees. We can always catch up the money, but we cannot catch up on conditioning and preparation. Joining QTC requires a lot of dedication and determination, but it is not all hard work. Effective January 2014, we will be handling all registration payments online.

Registration Fee Breakdown: 

  • USATF Membership Card (Athlete’s Liability Insurance): $20
  • Track Meet Entry fees (varies, depending on advancement): $150
  • Equipment (Hurdles, Blocks, Throwing Implements, Batons, Sleds, Medicine Balls, etc.): $100
  • Administrative Fees (Club’s USATF Membership, Club liability insurance, Facility Maintenance, Website Maintenance, Banquet, etc.): $200
  • Gold T-Shirt & Practice Uniform: $40
  • Coaches Compensation: ALL COACHES ARE VOLUNTEERS


Almost every athlete returns season after season, and all agree that they have a lot of fun. All report that the discipline and the experiences made the summers memorable and worthwhile. If you have any questions please give us a call at 678-587-8201.



The Quicksilver Coaching Staff